Our goal is to provide children with the items that they require for their educational and medical needs that are not currently covered by their insurance, nor provided by a community program.

Research shows that when children are provided the adequate tools, matching their unique skills and ability, they can fully enhance their cognitive, social and emotional development. Early and continuous interventions are powerful tools enabling children with special needs to live a fuller and more active life.

The need for these tools is even more crucial among children with disabilities and medical conditions (special needs). Many insurance companies do not cover these items, or the intensive therapy needed by these children.

The fear that many parents and caregivers have is that their children may be missing opportunities that hinder their child’s future success. Our goal is to help parents and/or guardians obtain these tools when they are unable to do it on their own.

Established January 2010, The Emily Thomas Foundation is an organization supporting the educational development and medical needs of children.

The Emily Thomas Foundation is a non-profit organization. The foundation is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in the state of Georgia.

Mission: The Foundation will provide educational and medical support to help children reach their potential. Through community involvement and fundraising events, we will identify children in need and provide support for education and medical necessities.

Once in a lifetime you meet…an Emily

Her strength…her courage…a true inspiration to all who knew her.

Emily was born with a congenital heart disease, Tetralogy of Fallot, on August 28, 1996. After a series of complex surgeries, Emily passed away on December 21, 2009. Emily was fortunate in that she lived a life full of “normality”, love and many accomplishments. Those who knew her were blessed; they met an angel.

We learned a lot from Emily, and along the way we learned some hard lessons when dealing with a child with medical hurdles.

The two greatest challenges we faced were:

An educational system, which needed to be reshaped in order to support the unique educational needs for Emily.

Set protocols established by medical professionals and hospitals that were not tailored to Emily…protocol that had been set for patients younger than Emily; a model that was not black and white. They needed to focus on Emily, not the model that they were used to. They fought us tooth and nail at times and they didn’t know. They didn’t realize this wasn’t an ordinary patient. This was Emily. She proved them wrong time and time again!

We know we are not alone.

Every child’s situation is unique…here is how we will help

We would be remiss not to advocate for families in similar situations as our own and share our story, offer our knowledge and empower them with resources to make their lives a little easier. Here are just a few of the ways we will make a difference:

Education: Support educational needs of children

Patient Advocate: Helping families realize their options

Financial/Non-Financial Support: Provide financial assistance, access to medical equipment, and medical services, procedures and medicines that are necessary

Help an Angel...Help a child


The Emily Thomas Foundation

The Emily Thomas Foundation is an organization that focuses on improving the lives of special needs children and their families.

Children with special needs include those with disabilities and medical conditions. We want to help children, regardless of condition and needs. Some of the conditions may include, but will not be limited to children with Heart Defects, Lung Issues, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Spatial Integration, Cerebral Palsy, Cancer, Mowat Wilson Syndrome, Down syndrome and Aspergers.